101 Things to Thankful for in Gold Beach Oregon

I'm ecstatic to say that I am here in Gold Beach and boy am I enjoying myself! I'm bursting with excitement and wanted to spread the joy and love, so I decided to post 101 things to be thankful for in Gold Beach over the next week while I am here.

# 1 Cedar Bend Golf Club – a great place to practice your putt putt – a nine hole public gold course where your best shots come in two ways – with the iron and with the camera.

# 2 Salmon Run Gold Course – World Class Golf – World Class Natural Beauty – thirty minutes from Gold Beach in Chetco River Valley.

Here's what they look like and the scoop on each:

Cedar Bend Golf Course



















This 9-hole mentally engaging course features 3,000 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 36. The entire course is a par-72 measuring from 5,231 yards to 6,288 yards long. In general, the course has plenty of challenge for the best golfers, but also plenty of forgiveness for people new to the game. Water comes into play on almost every hole. The beautiful Cedar Fork Creek which golfers must cross on several of the holes, meanders through the course. It's clear waters and smooth stone base make it look inviting on hot summer days. For the entire scoop click on this link: Cedar Bend Gold Course

Salmon Run Golf Course

Picture 5







Picture 4









Thirty minutes south of Gold Beach in the Chetco River Valley, Salmon Run is a 18-hole course that offers golfers innumerable challenges. Just out of th wind and fog that someitime visits the South coast, Salmon Run, with its narrow fairways, put a high demand on accuracy. But the greens are large and well-maintained and there are birdy possibilities on several short par 4's and par 3's. For more information check out the offical site Salmon Run Golf Course

Stormy Weather – in San Diego Missing Gold Beach

Well it’s supposed to never rain in Southern California, but it is pouring today in El Cajon an east county suburb of San Diego. The storm makes me homesick for Gold Beach and the winter storms that take place there. This video is about one in nearby Grants Pass. I love the sound of the storm. I hope we experience one when we go up there for Thanksgiving.

Meditations by the Oregon Coast

Couldn’t pass this one up — breath-taking view of the waves breaking on the coastal beaches, the southern Oregon coastal sounds and sights are very relaxing and invigorating; the Oregon Coast is the perfect place to unwind –even if you have to do it long distance via your computer screen. So if your stressed like I was take a moment kick up your feet and replenish your soul.

Prehistoric Gardens – great video for the kids and grownup too!

I have a link at the Hilltop House website that points to the Prehistoric Gardens.  The Prehistoric Gardens in Oregon’s Rain Forest is located on then Southern Oregon Coast Hwy 101, halfway between Port Orford and Gold Beach. Interesting tourist attractions displays life-size replicas of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Enjoy this Prehistoric Gardens created by Oregon sculptor, Ernest V. Nelson. Here is a darling video that you should enjoy.

The Horse, Eckhart Tolle and the Southern Oregon Coast

The Horse

I wanted to share a video that is a bit off the topic that I usually write about, in that it is not specifically about traveling to Southern Oregon coast. (however I did include a wonderful video clip about the Oregon coast at the end of the post). But this post is really about a feeling that has grown in me since I have been spending time on the coast and through the research and experiences I have had while authoring this blog. In light of that idea I have found a wonderful clip on You Tube that I want to share.
It may seem a bit random because it is about horses and the fact that we share higher consciousness with them and all living and non-living things on the planet. And, it is about what we can learn from them.

Eckhart Tolle

I am not sure how I came to find the writings of Eckhart Tolle. Tolle speaks of a spiritual awakening that leads to the realization that we are all connected. By this he means the big WE — everything on this planet and beyond. I think my visits to Southern Oregon have confirmed that feeling of knowing in me. The wilderness and wildlife that one can experience in southern Oregon confirms for me what Tolle and other spiritual teachers through the ages have been saying. I recommend reading the “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Here is a clip of him speaking.


The Oregon Coast

Since this blog is about southern Oregon here is a stunning photo montage of the Oregon Coast – can you also feel the connection?

Free Spirits – Save the Whales – Save Ourselves

Who says fish can't fly? Watch the Video

I started this post with the intent to talk about the Southern Oregon Coast and to spotlight all the places you can visit if you are interested in whale watching. I do cover that later in the post, including a map provided by Whale Spoken Here a site dedicated to whale watching on the coast. I also will follow this story with a part II since there is so much amazing information and resources about the whales available. What a great way to get your kids interested and involved in saving our planet so we will have a legacy to share!

Before I go on that I would like to share this video:

After watching how alive and intelligent these creatures are, I realized how much I take for granted. I think that it's great to take a vacation and get" in touch" with nature. And I certainly can't deny that one of the reasons that I write this blog is in the hopes that people will want to come and experience Hilltop House and all that the Southern Oregon Coast has to offer. But I can't help thinking, what happens if someday soon, when you come it isn't there anymore? I do believe that when brought into their awareness most people really care about what is happening to the planet and the creatures that share it with us.

So I hope that you won't mind that before providing information about what you can come to see on the Oregon coast; particularly the whales watching opportunities that are available, that I bring some information to your attention. Here is some information I got from the site Whale Spoken Here

Save the Whales – AGAIN!

Apparently the whales are in danger of extinction again due to human greed and the obsessive need to consume and then irresponsibly dispose of things. Here is part of the article I read:

"The Gray Whale was hunted almost to extinction twice: in the 1880s and again in the 1920s. The International Whaling Commission was formed in 1946 by whaling nations, including the United States, to divide the annual catch into national quotas. A massive public outcry (Save the Whales) in the 70s culminated in 1986 when the International Whaling Commission adopted a 10-year moratorium on commercial whaling. All of the endangered whales are internationally protected from commercial harvest, but Japan is leading the demand for a return to commercial whaling and is currently hunting endangered whales even in the International Whale Preserve in Antarctica.Beached

But all whales today face a wide variety of threats, far more than were present in whaling days. They all face severe pollution and degradation of their habitats and destruction of their food sources. Larger, faster, and more plentiful ships cross their migratory routes injuring whales. Each year many whales die as a result of entanglement in fishing gear. Twenty-one countries including England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa oppose Japan’s hunting in the International Whale Preserve."

What We Can All Do To Help

  • Keep garbage, especially plastics, out of the Whale_frolick
  • Pick up litter and put in receptacles            
  • Don’t put paint and hazardous waste down drains            
  • Use non-toxic household cleaners.            
  • Use lawn and garden chemicals sparingly.            
  • Recycle used motor oil and old tires.            
  • Be thoughtful: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.            
  • Volunteer, Support or Get Involved!            
  • Call or write the president or your congressional representative.            

For more information on how you can help, please visit these sites: International Whaling Commission
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
The Humane Society

A World Worth Saving

As promised here is some information on where to go to see these beautiful creatures. Whalewatchmap

Stay tuned for part 2 …coming soon.

Driving Up the Coast – HWY 101 – part 2 – Sea Lion Caves

When I began this story I planned to take you up the coast with some general information, hoping to tempt you to want to come to see more. But as I began to research pictures and information, I became mesmerized by all the wonderful things I encountered and decided to slow it down quite a bit and write short posts about things that can be seen and things that can be experienced while driving and visiting the Southern Oregon Coast.

Sea Lions


Sea lions pups are about four feet long at birth and weigh from 40 to 50 pounds. They are slate gray in color for about six months, turn dark brown until approximately two years of age, and they begin to assume the lighter tan color of the adult. They remain with their mothers well over a year and grow rapidly, averaging about six feet long at the end of their first year. The pups continue to grow, perhaps all of their lives, but the growth rate decreases each year.

When you see those innocent eyes you wonder how anyone could possible want to harm them. But there is a war that is raging between the fisherman and the sea lions. Recent scientific studies indicate that fish such as salmon constitute a very minute part of the sea lion diet. Although sea lions are good swimmers, they find it much easier to capture more sluggish victims than game fish. but they have learned to adapt to some very clever ways of stealing fish from game fisherman and this is the cause of all the upheaval.

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Driving Up the Coast – HWY 101 – part 1

America’s Wild Rivers Coast is home to Gold Beach and several other coastal towns that I will talkCape blanco lighthouse
about in this post. Highway 101 offers 101 miles along the historic Southern Oregon coast. If you venture to Gold Beach you will discover beautiful coastlines, breathtaking natural forests and most importantly some of the last remaining wild rivers in America. I agree with so many others, who have inhabited that area both historically and who live there today that this precious areas must be preserved. The activities that you can enjoy include world-class salmon fishing, numerous hiking trails and historical landmarks at every port. But I hope that if you decide to visit, you will appreciate this natural treasure and treat it with the utmost care and respect. Here is a list of the cities you can visit if you travel up the coast from California.



Brookings is the home of the spectacular Salmon Run Golf Course, making the area very popular with golfers, although it is still best known for fishing. With superior weather conditions and many recreational activities available it is easy to see why it is so popular. The rugged Siskiyou Mountains create a series of dramatic rocky headlands and offshore sea stacks. Many of the 80 miles of undeveloped coastline are dedicated as State Parks and all of our offshore islands are part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.


Gold Beach (home of Hilltop House) Hilltop House Vacations is an oceanfront community where the famous Rogue River meets the spectacular Pacific. Gold beach is unbeatable for it’s lodging with ocean vista views. Hilltop House offers 1000 feet of decking to view the Rogue River and the Pacific Ocean. If you enjoy hiking, the trails are magnificent and provide the best beach access along the Wild Rivers Coast. From May through October, the famous jetboats make their run up into the “wild and scenic” sections of the Rogue and passengers get to enjoy unsurpassed up close and personal views of creatures in teir natural environment, without disturbing the wildlife.

The salmon and steelhead fishing in the area is second to none, and an excellent group of licensed guides are available. Ocean charters for fishing and sightseeing are available on a daily basis with stop-overs at a variety of restaurants with menus to please every appetite.  Gold beach visitor’s center can provide you with more information and suggest an itinerary. Gold Beach Visitors (See next Friday’s post for more information on itineraries).

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My First Gold Beach Experience

My very first time in Gold Beach was quite a unique experience. I woke up to find a baby deer on the deck staring at me as if to say "what are you doing here — this is my lookout point"! About an hour later,Deer on Deck
I was visited by a one legged black crow which I later named Peg Leg, because he hopped along the ledge of the deck on one leg very confidently, reminding me of a pirate coming to collect his bounty. Peg Leg revealed a very discerning palette for crow delicacies like popcorn and Salmon skin and didn't take kindly to anyone not giving him his perceived due. If the violator was unfortunate enough to be on the deck, he would mock a lunge at the varmint flapping his wings violently and letting out a high pitched, shrill screech.

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