While in Gold Beach…check out Coos Art Museum

Picture 9

Caribbean Cornrow 1, Margaret Godfrey, Blue River, Oregon

We were about to go for a nice long drive along HWY 101, but decided to fuel up — our stomachs I mean ;), so we drove down the hill to the Port Hole Cafe one of our favorite places to fill up on homemade clam chowder, old fashioned apple and berry pies and lots more, while enjoying the amazing oceanfront view.

We happened to mention to Mel a local artist that we were taking the drive and he asked if we had ever been to CAM. We both replied what’s CAM, and he said you must go and find out!

Established in 1950, the Coos Art Museum is the third oldest Art museum
in Oregon. Housed in the former US Post Office, an art deco style
building, the museum features multi-discipline changing exhibits and a
highly regarded permanent print collection of Contemporary Northwest

If art appreciation isn’t your thing, you can score points with your mate while enjoying The Steve Prefontaine Memorial Gallery housed on the 2nd floor which
features the famed runner’s medals and the running shoes he wore when
breaking the record for the 5000m at the University of Oregon.

The Museum hours are: Open Tues-Fri 10am – 4pm; Sat 1pm – 4pm. Closed Sun and Mon. and holidays.

Here are a few more to wet you appetite:

Picture 10

Souvenir 2, Nia Michaels, Seattle, Wa.

Picture 11

Moving Pictures, Julia Nelson-Gal, Palo Alto, Ca.

Oregon Coast Sights to See

For more activities visit www.hilltophousegb.com and click on “Activities” for links to all local sporting and social events and activities.

I just had to share this video about the seals and the sea lions (scroll down further) at the Oregon Coast AquariumUnderwater

Current exhibit “Passages of the Deep”

I have mixed feelings about zoos and aquariums — after all if the animals and sea creatures weren’t in captivity they would experience what nature intended — the amazing wilderness and the beauty of being free (along with its dangers and pitfalls).

But on the other hand it does help humans become more familiar with these creatures and by building understanding, hopefully it helps to ensure that we will respect their rights and realize that they share the legacy of co-habiting on this planet.

Back to the Seals I included this video because I love the way it shows how seals can think strategically. It appears that you can feed the seals and if you watch closely most go with the herd mentality and try to chase after the two fish that the guy is throwing. But watch the one that stays up on the rocks, you can see how he thinks. He realizes that if he stays on the rocks he can be in the spotlight and he even does a cute trick (rolling over) to get attention. It probably works a lot of the time to get a fish thrown up there where there is no competition– even though this time it didn’t. Smart little guys I’d say.

Oregon Aquarium Seals

Surfin’ the Coast


Gold Beach is considered among the choice spots for windsurfing adventures with a stretch of coastline that spans 10 miles south of Gold Beach, from Cape Sebastian to Pistol River. If new to surfing head inland to Floras Lake, two miles east of US 101 near Port Orford, where you can learn the sport. Spring and early summer conditions are the best.

Horseback Riding

Horses love surf and sand, You know the ride will be a good one because horses love surf and sand. Gold Beach riding is amazing because of the choice of scenery and trails. Siskiyou West Day Lodge (pictured above) rents horses of all temperaments and rider skill levels for treks on the beach, local dunes and the owner’s ranch, just south of Gold Beach at Pistol River.

If you trailer in your own horse, box stalls are available for brief stays at the Curry County Fairgrounds in Gold Beach (541-247-4541), but call at least a month in advance for availability; during horse shows and the July fair you may be out of luck. Tuck in your horse for $15 a night, then take him out for a beach run the next morning. The closest campground with equestrian accommodations is Cape Blanco State Park, about an hour north.
Birding, Wildlife and Farms

Art Galleries and Local Artists

Art colony at Gold Beach – watch the video