Lighthouses on the Coast

brookings_lighthouseThe Southern Oregon coast is known for it’s majestic and historical lighthouses. Here is a list of the five spectacular lighthouses on the southern Oregon coast and some handy information in case you wish to visit them. I’ll start with Brookings since it is the next town over from Gold Beach.

Brookings Lighthouse
Visit Brookings Harbor and look south.

”Cleft of the Rock” is a small and very unusual private lighthouse. Bill Cady built it as an addition to his home in 1990 and then moved his home to a 100-foot cliff above the Pacific Ocean. The federal government approved its use and it was lit in 1997.

umpqua_lighthouseUmpqua River Lighthouse
Six miles south of Reedsport, near the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park.

The original lighthouse, the first on the Oregon Coast, was built in 1857 but lasted only six years. The current one was completed in 1894 and was built on a 100-foot ridge overlooking the sand dunes and Pacific Ocean.

The video (below) was created for an eight grade project by student Rhune Kaza Kelley. Watch it and learn some interesting facts about the Umpqua River Lighthouse and lighthouses in general.

Arago Lighthouse on the southern Oregon coast.Cape Arago Lighthouse
View from Sunset Bay State Park (Charleston).

This lighthouse, built in 1888, can’t be seen up-close because the entrance is protected by a Coast Guard fence. There were two other lighthouses built earlier on Cape Arago in 1866 and in 1909.
Starting in the mid-19th century, Coos Bay had become an important shipping point on the west coast of the U.S.  The amount of shipping at the time warranted the building of a light at the location, and in 1864, funds were given to build the harbor’s light.

blanco_lighthouseCape Blanco Lighthouse
Four miles north of Port Orford between mile post 296 and 297.

Sitting majestically on a 200-foot cliff, this lighthouse was completed in 1870. It’s often open for tours and is a good spot for family pictures. Westernmost point in Oregon.
In 1897 – 1870 the lighthouse was constructed under the direction of Lt. Col. Robert Stockton Williamson. Supplies were ordered and shipped to the cape. A  brick maker was located and a deal was struck with Rancher Patrick Hughes for access to the required materials.

coquille_lighthouseCoquille River Lighthouse
Just north of Bandon at Bullards Beach State Park

After a number of construction delays, this lighthouse was finally lit in 1896, but by 1939 it was abandoned. In 1976 the US Army Corps and the Oregon State Parks renovated the lighthouse.

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