Sometimes it’s the Journey…

Sometimes getting there is half the fun! Thinking about driving up the coast from San Francisco to Southern Oregon — what a blast it is! You can visit the vineyards, spot Roosevelt Elk and Wild Turkeys along the road and lots more.

We stopped in Eureka along the waterfront for lunch and then drove on to a wonderful Historic hotel called the Benbow Inn which reminded me of a rain forest fairyland. It is about halfway between San Francisco and Gold Beach so we spent the night. When we reached the town of Garberville we encountered something that made us feel that we had traveled back in time –to the 1960’s! There was a fair going on and everyone was burning incense, dressed like the Flower children –even the children — and selling their hand-crafted wares. We loved it.
That night we had an amazing dining experience because the BenBow offers award winning cuisine in their Tudor style dining room and it was fabulous — yummy! I highly recommend it.

Fall is a great time to drive up the coast and visit the wineries – enjoy the journey. Check this video out about driving up the coast on Hwy 101.

Gold Beach ~ Green and Clean – Oregon Coast Visitors Association

Gold and green

The “Gold Beach~Green and Clean” program, also called “Gold Beach Bags”, is a very simple and environmentally helpful project, which was launched in July 2010.

Jeff Ferguson, Executive Director of the Gold Beach Promotions Committee, hopes that other communities along the Oregon Coast, and other areas, will follow their lead by establishing similar programs.

Costs are minimal to start the program. Gold Beach ordered 50 imprinted “Gold Beach Bags” for $250.00 and logistically, it’s easy to manage by the Gold Beach Visitors Center.

  1. Check out a bag at the Gold Beach Visitor Center (GBVC)
  2. Fill the bag with trash while beachcombing
  3. Return to GBVC and empty trash into their dumpster
  4. Upon return of the bag, participants will be entered to win a monthly drawing at the GBVC for a gift certificate from a local business.

This new project has been well-received by visitors and locals alike. For more information about the program call Gold Beach Visitors Center at 800-525-2334.

In the Mood – to go to Medford!

I saw this wonderful musical in San Diego with my Mom and aun† who lived it in the 1940’s. We were all dancing in the aisles. Here is what Travel oregon has to say about it:

“Much more than a concert, In the Mood is a big band theatrical revue that vividly evokes the life and times of America’s greatest generation. Featuring the music of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, the Andrews Sisters, and Frank Sinatra, In the Mood brings back an era when everyone listened and danced to the same buoyant music — music that lightened hearts and lifted spirits across the nation!”

Here is a link to find out more details:Craterian Perfomances

Wildwood Wetlands Trail – like a wild wildness zoo but better!

There are more than 1,000 feet to the boardwalk on the Wildwood
Wetlands Trail that was built four feet off the ground to keep hiker’s
feet dry and limit access onto the sensitive wetlands. Beginning in
mid-October, the boardwalk area explodes to life with a colorful show
of brilliant reds, oranges and yellows from vine maple, big leaf maple
trees and alder trees.

Grant’s Getaways – Wildwood Park from Travel Oregon on Vimeo.

Angela’s Memories – Oregon Coast Visitors Association

Picture 9
I have to say that some of my best memories are of the Oregon coast. The memories have always given my heart a little warmth with memories of my family and friends. As a child I remember going with my family including my cousins, and grandparents to the coast. I remember running along the beach, digging for clams, chasing each other with sea weed, jumping the waves, and finding empty shells on the sand. Afterwards we would head back to our campground stopping to pick blue berries and raspberries growing along the road. We would eat just as many as we picked. Sadly after my grandmother died we did not go back.


Bandon – on The Peoples Coast

Located at the mouth of the Coquille River Bandon is home to
three of the world's premier golf courses, a wild animal park, and wide sandy beaches
with breathtaking sea stacks.

Bandon is just a short drive (58 miles) from Hilltop House in Gold Beach and if you are renting the house, it makes a great day trip with lots of things to see and do for the whole family.

Some of the activities available in Bandon are: horseback riding, kayaking,
fishing,  camping,Map exploring the lighthouse and dunes, shopping, crabbing, golf, and more. Don’t  miss the cranberry bogs! These colorful sights can
be seen along Highway 101.


Grant’s Shore Acres Holiday Light Extravaganza

The Oregon coast is a many splendored place boasting unique sights and sounds that will amaze you anytime of the year. In this week’s “Grant’s Getaways,” we go to Shore Acres State Park along the southern Oregon coast for a unique holiday light extravaganza.

Grant’s Getaways – Shore Acres Holiday Lights from Travel Oregon on Vimeo.