Amazing Footage of the Scenic Rogue River by Timothy Linn

I want to be sure to credit photographer Timothy Linn for this awesome video you can read his full blog post below.

The Wild & Scenic Rogue River: Gold Beach, Oregon from t.linn on Vimeo.

Linn writes:The ride up Oregon’s wild and scenic Rogue River is one of them. The 104 mile round trip up the Rogue, one of the original eight rivers protected by the 1968 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, is half wildlife safari and half amusement park ride. This video focuses on the latter. It was shot using a Canon PowerShot S95 in an underwater housing.

The video only hints at the amount of wildlife that can be seen in and along the river. On this trip we saw Canada geese, harbor seals, dozens of turkey vultures, ospreys everywhere, several bald eagles, herons, three bears, a number of river otters including one that was eating a lamprey for lunch, and a deer with a couple spotted fawns. Because of this…continued
The full blog post that accompanies this video can be found at:

©2011 Timothy Linn. All Rights Reserved.


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