Happy New Year From Bandon

It’s been a while since I posted mainly because of the holidays and family activities, but I wanted to post about a day trip I took with friends to Bandon. We took a ride up the coast from Hilltop House, the trip took less than an hour along the scenic hwy 101.

We arrived at Old Town Bandon and headed straight to the shops.    We visited the Second Street Gallery on of the 79 unique shops. I bought 3 Sergio Lub bracelets for myself, one for my mom and one my husband John. The bracelets are handmade and mde from solid silver, brass and copper. They have magnets in them that are supposed to help balance the energy forces in your body. The copper is said to help relieve swelling and pain caused by arthritis. In additon to that they are beautiful and can be worn all the time.

We also visited the Cranberry Sweets and More an amazing confection store with lots of free samples – yum! Then we headed to Lotus Grotto Gifts and I found a beautiful scarf that was hand-dyed silk in two shades of green for $15.00! The last stop was at  Tony’s Crab shack where we warmed ourselves on with clam chowder and a glass of wine.

It was a great trip and we all really enjoyed ourselves and came back with lots of goodies to share with John, who was waiting at Hilltop House with a fantastic dinner on the stove. We ate pasta with wild catch Salmon (John went fishing at Thanksgiving) marinara sauce, John’s famous Salmon cakes, a great big salad with all kinds of vegetables and for a little unreality check we watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the tube. For dessert we ate Marionberry Pie and vanilla ice cream. Nice way to start the year!

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