101 things…in Gold Beach – Gold Beach Books

101 things to be thankful for in Gold Beach I give you # 7

Gold Beach Books

It is the largest book store on the Oregon Coast, you'll find 50,000 volumes of new and forgotten lore in Gold Beach Oregon. Sip, Read, & Browse in the Biscuit Coffeehouse and Art Gallery. I visited it today after doing a little shopping at McKay's Market. I couldn't resist stopping in and I was glad that I did.My first impression brought back memories of the movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks – You Got Mail – it reminded of the book shop that Meg's character owned only it much much larger. What reminded of the shop in the movie was the nostalgic charm and the feeling that it was a friendly place to view many literary and artistic treasures. I love Amazon's convenience and Barnes and Nobles' , but this book store is truly special and one of a kind. the people are super friendly too.














I found some great novels about the old west by author Zane Grey, some wonderful paintings from local artists a very reasonable prices, a treasure of rare used books, a Gourmet coffee and Biscuit bar where folks gathered to discuss politics and literature.

 It was really great! Here are some photos I took while there and a movie from You Tube that will fill you in on the rest. I could easily spend a day there and come back time and time again. I am sure each time tht I would experience another amazing find.

Picture 18 Picture 20Picture 16





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