101 Things to be Thankful For in Gold Beach # 5

101 Things to be Thankful For in Gold Beach # 5 – Agate Hunting

Picture 8

Gold Beach Blue Agate

For those big city dwellers (like me – former Jersey Girl – turned So. California transplant – turned part-time Gold Beach Resident) who are unfamiliar with wildlife in Southern Oregon, hunting agates does not require a bow and arrow or a rifle. (a little cabin fever humor here – I have been indoors for almost 24 hours waiting for John to return from his fishing expedition).

Anyway back to the agates… they are a member of the quartz family of minerals. They are centuries old and can be polished to a high gloss. They are perfect for making handmade jewelry especially  wire-wrapped rings (one of my favorite activities) because they are very hard stones. Here are some tips to consider before you begin your Agate hunt:

1. A site where you can learn more about how to identify them. Go to 4facets.com

2. Start at the beach just north of he north Rogue River jetty

3. The best time to hunt is following high tides and or a storm

4. Most agates will be found in the gravel among larger stones, furthest from the surf line.



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