101 Things to be Thankful For in Gold Beach – still counting

# 4 View From Hilltop House

I woke up this morning about half past 6:00 and took this picture from my studio window:

Picture 1

Pictured here: Patterson Memorial Bridge from the studio window of Hilltop house in Gold Beach


Photo Credit: Lindsey Baker


A little history about the bridge: it was designed by Conde B. Mcullough and re-dedicated to Governor Isaac Lee Paterson, after a $20 Million dollar rehabilitation in June of 2006. The original construction of the bridge was completed in 1932 and ironically the bridge is 1,932 feet long. The structure replaced ferries that were used to transport both people and vehicles across the river. The river pictured here is the historic Rogue River and not visible in this picture, but visible from Hilltop House from the many points of the spectacular 1,000 feet of decking is the mouth of the pacific ocean.

Lighting which frames the bridges arches on the west side was installed in 2005. I will take another picture to post tonight – Thanksgiving Day 2010 – showing the spectacular beauty at night. I also took a photothat show the house from the bridge — it's really something for John and I to be thankful for…So please come back soon.

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