Sometimes it’s the Journey…

Sometimes getting there is half the fun! Thinking about driving up the coast from San Francisco to Southern Oregon — what a blast it is! You can visit the vineyards, spot Roosevelt Elk and Wild Turkeys along the road and lots more.

We stopped in Eureka along the waterfront for lunch and then drove on to a wonderful Historic hotel called the Benbow Inn which reminded me of a rain forest fairyland. It is about halfway between San Francisco and Gold Beach so we spent the night. When we reached the town of Garberville we encountered something that made us feel that we had traveled back in time –to the 1960’s! There was a fair going on and everyone was burning incense, dressed like the Flower children –even the children — and selling their hand-crafted wares. We loved it.
That night we had an amazing dining experience because the BenBow offers award winning cuisine in their Tudor style dining room and it was fabulous — yummy! I highly recommend it.

Fall is a great time to drive up the coast and visit the wineries – enjoy the journey. Check this video out about driving up the coast on Hwy 101.

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