Honeymoon Couple Win the gold in Gold Beach!

Last fall I posted a story about a contest to win $10,000 in Gold in gold Beach — that’s right you got a chance to win $10,000 in gold just by visiting the town. Watch the video:

Well here’s what happened. Bruce and Suzi Moore were married on September 18, 2009, but didn’t have a
2chance to get away until August 12 of this year – just a few weeks before the contest ended.The couple from Eagle Point spent a lovely extended weekend in Gold Beach on a belated honeymoon.This past Saturday they were awakened by an early-morning phone call (for a Saturday) from Gold Beach Mayor Jim Wernicke informing them that they were the winners of the ‘Stay in Gold Beach and Win $10,000 in Gold’ Sweepstakes put on by the Gold Beach Promotions Committee.

But it gets better than that. Bruce and Suzi didn’t win $10,000 in cash. They get the gold! And by luck the value of precious metals continue to rise and at the top of the list is gold.

So guess what? That $10,000 in gold valued in September 2009 when the contest started is now worth – get this – some $13,000! I guess the song by Mike and the Mechanics rings true again.  Let’s listen:

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