Gold Beach ~ Green and Clean – Oregon Coast Visitors Association

Gold and green

The “Gold Beach~Green and Clean” program, also called “Gold Beach Bags”, is a very simple and environmentally helpful project, which was launched in July 2010.

Jeff Ferguson, Executive Director of the Gold Beach Promotions Committee, hopes that other communities along the Oregon Coast, and other areas, will follow their lead by establishing similar programs.

Costs are minimal to start the program. Gold Beach ordered 50 imprinted “Gold Beach Bags” for $250.00 and logistically, it’s easy to manage by the Gold Beach Visitors Center.

  1. Check out a bag at the Gold Beach Visitor Center (GBVC)
  2. Fill the bag with trash while beachcombing
  3. Return to GBVC and empty trash into their dumpster
  4. Upon return of the bag, participants will be entered to win a monthly drawing at the GBVC for a gift certificate from a local business.

This new project has been well-received by visitors and locals alike. For more information about the program call Gold Beach Visitors Center at 800-525-2334.

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