Rogue River Jet Boats in Gold Beach

I was just thinking about the last time I was in Gold Beach and our friend Pete the fireman (click link to see what Pete looks like) from San Francisco joined us. We took the jet boat trip and it was fantastic! Even Pete the "seen it all done it all guy was impressed". Here's why:

Grant's Getaway – Rogue River Jet Boat from Travel Oregon on Vimeo.

The Rogue River is world famous and has attracted adventure seekers for decades, some as well known as the river itself, like Zane Grey, the western novelist who came to the canyon to write and even set one of his novels there. Once a lifeline of sorts for folks who lived along the river, boats have been used for over than a century to deliver food, supplies, and news from the outside world into the rugged canyon.
Now, they’re lifelines of laughter and smiles that help folks reconnect with Oregon’s outdoors. Speedy jet boats launch family excursions and recreation into a distant world away from the routines, noise, and general hubbub of city life.
Early morning – when the air is still and nature is waking up Oregon rivers like the Rogue are a marvel. As daylight grows, people come out to play at Jerry’s Rogue Jets and Rogue Mailboats along the Rogue River waterfront at Gold Beach.

We couldn't help but be enticed to go for a ride — we can see the the jet boats from the deck of Hilltop House – life is good!.

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