Hello Again – Storm Watchers

Hilltop House Website It has been a while since I posted to the blog and I plan to be doing so much more often. First, I want to thank all of my  loyal readers and all the people who haveStorm supported Hilltop House and enjoy staying there too. We appreciate you patronage and your kind comments and praise.

We are currently offering the house as a month to month rental which makes it a great headquarters for Storm Watching. Hilltop House has extensive decking where you can storm watch in the comfort of it’s luxurious rooms. While viewing the storms you can sip wine and enjoy the wonderful smoked Salmon that Gold Beach has to offer in the spacious Gourmet kitchen, throw a Storm watching party in the fabulous Great Room or snuggle up in the master bedroom and watch nature’s wonder unfold before your eyes. To take a virtual tour of Hilltop House and see what I am talking about please go to Hilltop House website and click on take a virtual tour.

For the more adventuresome souls, you can hop in your four wheeler and drive along the rugged coast for an up close and personal view of the spectacular Pacific ocean. Here’s a preview of what you will see:

MOre Storm Watching videos

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