Four Day Gold Beach Itinerary

When you visit Gold Beach,there’s so much to do but here are just a few of the things that you can do on a four day adventure/vacation.

Day One – Ever Go Tidepooling?

There is nearby access to some of the most incredible shore habitats filled with so much colorful life, at first glance of this video, you may think this woman is wearing a jeweled bracelet in stead of a starfish! One word of caution, be mindful of strong waves suddenly sweeping in and knocking you over, when caught off guard. Although its tempting to pick up everything you see, remember that these are live creatures and if you wrench them from their home, they may be permanently damaged or destroyed. If you do pick up something be gentle and be sure to put them back where you found — its good karma.

Day Two – Trying Not to Catch a Fish

If you’re not an angler (like me), you might become a lifelong fan of fish themselves if you watch this video. Here’s a thought rent a boat or hire a guide and float up the river and enjoy nature without feeling the need to take home a “trophy trout”. Watch this video and I think you will agree that observing them in their natural environment enough of a prize.

Day Three – Jet boat Trips

If you didn’t get wet enough drift boating or tidepooling, you must try Jerry’s Rogue Jet – I am not getting compensated for the plug. There are three levels of experience from easy does it to wet and wild. After a great tour of the coastal wildlife you will stop up the river for a wonderful lunch at one of the riverside cafes up stream. Want more excitement? Try something daring like white water rafting — all challenge levels are available. Watch the movie:

Day Four – Ride a Real Painted Pony

Imagine yourself on the back of a beautiful horse, gracefully cantering down the beach as the sunsets over the ocean. Siskiyou West Day Lodge is one the places that rents horses for just such an adventure.

Or Take a Scenic Drive

If you don’t want to ride a horse on the beach, driving trips are as scenic as it gets and you’ll see some of the finest coastline in the country. Might as well keep going a bit further south and visit the redwoods. From Gold Beach you can also go east up Jerry’s Flat Road on up to Agness, a nice little community to visit, with its one-room schoolhouse, RV park, hiking trails and the Old Agness Store, where you can get a quarter pound old fashioned hot dog with the works.

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