A Southern Oregon Coast Tribute to a Hero – watch the video

Since this site is about Hilltop House and traveling the southern coast of Oregon, most times my posts cover sightseeing and all the wonderful things that are available to do on the coast. But this week ends on a sad note for me, because my uncle Dan Tauriello died this week at 89 years of age.

Dad and danny

Born in Newark, Dan is a US Marine Corps Veteran of WW II who saw action on Tulagi in the Pacific. He joined the Newark Fire Department in 1948 and was promoted to Captain in 1954 and Battalion Chief in 1963 before retiring in 1984. In 1967 he was recognized for heroic behavior during the Newark riots that resulted in many rescues of people trapped in the burning buildings. Dan was a former weight lifter, Golden Glove boxer, fight trainer and started the Fresh Air Fund in Newark to help get inner city kids off the streets.

Uncle Dan never visited Hilltop House, because by the time we bought it he was older and it was harder for him to travel, but I know he would have loved it. So this coastal moment is dedicated to you Uncle Dan, I hope you enjoy it.

One thought on “A Southern Oregon Coast Tribute to a Hero – watch the video

  1. Lori says:

    I never knew your uncle Dan, but I feel honored you used my video as a tribute to him. What a brave and interesting man he was. My Dad was my Hero, still is…he was also a boxer and in the Marines. Hilltop House is a great site, I can’t wait to spend more time here.

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