Driving Up the Coast – HWY 101 – part 1

America’s Wild Rivers Coast is home to Gold Beach and several other coastal towns that I will talkCape blanco lighthouse
about in this post. Highway 101 offers 101 miles along the historic Southern Oregon coast. If you venture to Gold Beach you will discover beautiful coastlines, breathtaking natural forests and most importantly some of the last remaining wild rivers in America. I agree with so many others, who have inhabited that area both historically and who live there today that this precious areas must be preserved. The activities that you can enjoy include world-class salmon fishing, numerous hiking trails and historical landmarks at every port. But I hope that if you decide to visit, you will appreciate this natural treasure and treat it with the utmost care and respect. Here is a list of the cities you can visit if you travel up the coast from California.



Brookings is the home of the spectacular Salmon Run Golf Course, making the area very popular with golfers, although it is still best known for fishing. With superior weather conditions and many recreational activities available it is easy to see why it is so popular. The rugged Siskiyou Mountains create a series of dramatic rocky headlands and offshore sea stacks. Many of the 80 miles of undeveloped coastline are dedicated as State Parks and all of our offshore islands are part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.


Gold Beach (home of Hilltop House) Hilltop House Vacations is an oceanfront community where the famous Rogue River meets the spectacular Pacific. Gold beach is unbeatable for it’s lodging with ocean vista views. Hilltop House offers 1000 feet of decking to view the Rogue River and the Pacific Ocean. If you enjoy hiking, the trails are magnificent and provide the best beach access along the Wild Rivers Coast. From May through October, the famous jetboats make their run up into the “wild and scenic” sections of the Rogue and passengers get to enjoy unsurpassed up close and personal views of creatures in teir natural environment, without disturbing the wildlife.

The salmon and steelhead fishing in the area is second to none, and an excellent group of licensed guides are available. Ocean charters for fishing and sightseeing are available on a daily basis with stop-overs at a variety of restaurants with menus to please every appetite.  Gold beach visitor’s center can provide you with more information and suggest an itinerary. Gold Beach Visitors (See next Friday’s post for more information on itineraries).



Historic Port Orford is one of the best whale watching sites on the Oregon Coast. It is also the oldest coastal town and is the northern gateway to America’s Wild Rivers Coast. Steeped in history, is is the only open water port in 600 miles and two wild rivers, commercial and sport fishing, diving, windsurfing, and beachcombing opportunities are plentiful.
Humbug Mountain State Park, offers excellent camping. Port Orford Head State Park, originally an active Coast Guard station, is now a day use historical park. Tours of the Cape Blanco lighthouse and historic Hughes House are well worth the time. But save some time to be able to visit the many arts and crafts galleries.


Next stop heading north is Bandon-By-The-Sea. Many visitors consider Bandon’s quaint Old Town is a shopper’s paradise with lots of beautiful art galleries and shops selling hand crafted goods. It’s a great place to go crabbing. If you get hungry don’t worry,theGolf
town also offers a good selection of seafood restaurants. Just south of Bandon is West Coast Game Park Safari, a great family attraction. And world-renowned Bandon Dunes, a spectacular golf course resort, has golfers from around the world flying into this corner of Southern Oregon. My husband has invited many of his friends to play at Bandon Dunes Golf
Course and they have said it was one of their most enjoyable golfing experiences. For more information you can visit
the site at:Bandon Dunes Golf.

to be continued…next post read about Reedsport and Florence with stunning images

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