Oregon Coast Trails


There is currently more than to be 360 miles to be traveled both in short easy jaunts or in long stretches and much of the trials are along the beach. Abundant native forest plants and wildlife will keep you company while trekking along the hidden hiking trails. Choose to visit high mountain old growth forest trails with ice cold bubbling springs and streams, jewel like mountain lakes, moss and fern covered canyon bottoms or Pacific Ocean vistas with their secluded beaches.


Depending on the time of year there may be snow in the higher elevations. It is always best to map out your hiking plan before you go. In Curry County the trail starts at Cape Ferrelo and culminates north of Humburg Mountain State park. Information about the trail is available from most chambers of commerce, visitors centers and the Oregon Parks Information center (800-551-6949).


The Oregon Coast Trails will eventually traverse the entire 360 miles of the coast border to border. Over 300 miles are now in use, many of those miles are on the beach, while others use existing or newly built segments over the headlands. Because some Curry sections of the trail come back to 101 frequently, it lends itself to short hikes of from ½ to 3 miles with longer hikes for those who want to cover several sections in a day. Numbers are Hwy 101 mile markers listed south to north.


For more information visit: Rogue River Trips


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