…the mail boat must go on

Mail boats based in Gold Beach have been delivering mail up the river to Agnes since 1895, one of only two rural mail boat routes remaining in the U.S. According to a story in the Curry County reporter on October 15, 2008 by Meryl Boice speaking of the late 1800's "Gold Beach was so isolated that a boat ride to Agness was the excitement of the week."Picture 4

Today, the original Mail Boats still deliver the U.S. Mail
to the remote village of Agness, just as they have
for over one hundred years, since 1895. And they still consistently deliver excitement. The mail boat ride is reportedly one of the
very best attractions in the
entire Northwest.

According to www.mailboat.com "Oregon's famed Rogue River is born as a gushing stream high in the
Cascade Range, 215 miles from the sea. It comes bubbling from massive,
icy Boundry Springs in the Northwest corner of Crater Lake National
Park, at the foot of Mount Mazama, the extinct volcano that holds
Crater Lake. Fed by Mazama Creek, Cascade Creek, National Creek, and
numerous other streams and springs, the Rogue quickly gathers size as
it dashes and tumbles south down the slopes of the Cascades". Check out the website for Mail Boat Hydra Jet Trips 1-800- 458- 3511 and the full slide show and when you get to Gold Beach be sure to hop on board for a ride you won't forget. Here are some of the sites you will see along the way. Check out the slideshow (click on the link above) for more images of the trip.

Picture 3

Picture 1

Picture 2

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