John’s Fish Tale – Assault of the Killer Sea Lions

My husband John loves to fish and that's why he purchased Hilltop House as a semi-retirement oasis where he could commune with nature and catch a load of Salmon.  John_fish
I don't share his enthusiasm for it — I'm always rooting for the fish. But in this story I'm sure who to root for. 

The Rogue River is world famous for Salmon fishing. The spring Salmon run draws anglers from around the globe to Gold Beach for Chinook Salmon, packed with energy from months at sea and ready to put up a big fight. But the fisherman have another fight on their hands. The seals and sea lions that populate the Rogue River bay each summer are well schooled in how simple it is to score an easy salmon meal here.

They patrol the bay waiting for anglers to stand up with a net in their hand and they head right over to swallow the fish in one gulp. "All that's left is the head and bones"  he complained after losing one of many to the sea lions. (John once told me it reminded him of those old black and white Max Fleisher cartoons where the cat sticks the fish in its mouth and then pulls fish skeleton out). Their other method is to hang out at the fish-cleaning stations waiting for carcasses to come dashing down a discharge pipe. Efficient ingenuity I'd call it and hey aren't they preventing the river from becoming polluted with an overload of fish carcasses?

But the fisherman disagree and banned together to put pressure on the local state and federal governments to get rid of them. So the state and federal officials began in 2006 what federal biologists are calling the first concerted effort by a local government to haze, without harming, marine mammals off Northwest sport-fishing grounds. Of course the sea lions don't get a say in how humane the hazing process is. You can read more about it in an article at ESPN Outdoors.

Well I'm no fisherman, but I dare say the Sea Lions have the right to be there and maybe they are being a little unsportsmanlike in terms of how the are procuring their meals. Maybe they have been taking lessons from observing man for a little to long. Besides, with all the fish available to catch it would seem that there is enough for everyone.Sl mom and baby
Greedy fishermen

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