The Legend of the Sinking of the Mary D. Hume in Gold Beach Harbor

HarborboatThis wonderful but sadly sunken steam boat is a landmark treasure in the Gold Beach harbor. Rumors have it that she is haunted by a fishermen named Jack C. Tide
who drowned on a fishing excursion in 1892 and and his beloved Sarah.
Gold Beach visitors that have strolled by the harbor in the evening after dark have
reported to have seen a couple dressed strangely in the shadows embracing on the

The famous boat named the Mary D. Hume was built in Gold Beach in 1881 by a pioneering business man  R. D. Hume. Gold Beach was then called Ellensburg and Hume established  a fish cannery and built the Mary D.Hume to support the operation. Over the years, the steamboat passed through several owners and a number of changes and reconstructions, but she was a tough old bird and and served until the 1970's, making her the oldest serving vessel on the West Coast.

An effort was organized to preserve her as a museum ship, but she would have none of this "being put out to pasture" so she dug her heels into the mud in protest and there she remains with her marine-faring friends nesting on her in the harbor. She is on the National Register of Historic Places just the same.

 Be sure to come and pay her a visit. While your at it, enjoy some delicious homemade pie or yummy clam chowder at the Porthole Cafe.

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