Gold Beach Wildlife

Gold Beach Resident – Black Bear


 The black bears reside in the mountainside and make their way down to the Rogue River to fish. They can sometimes be spotted catching and eating Salmon along the rocks and by the falls. Visitors are cautioned to keep a safe distance from them at all times. It’s easy to get distracted while taking pictures and not realize that you are getting too far into their space. The mail boat ride or other boating expeditions are good ways to observe them without invading their space.


Oregon Tidepools


Imagine yourself in a floating zoo with no cages or tanks; where all of the creatures are existing in their natural environment. Well you don’t have to imagine it, you can visit this wonderful place on the Oregon coast. You will find Hermit Crabs, Giant Green Sea Anemones, Purple Sea Urchins, Sunflower Sea Stars, Blue Top Snails and so much more. It’s hard to believe that they are actually alive and you are not transported to an animated movie by Pixar.


Also please show respect for the marine life – If you find animals that have found shelter under rocks or seaweed, it is best not to touch them but if you do – do so gently and make sure to recover them so that they stay protected from the sun’s heat. Always be sure to return any animal to the exact place that you found them. Don’t ever pry an animal from a rock. Some need to attach themselves there to keep the ocean from sweeping them out to sea. If you pull them off, you’re endangering them. If you spot harbor seals and their pups and sea birds and their young, stay a good distance from them; at least 50-feet away. Enjoy them, but try not to disturb them.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations protect tidepool creatures. Check the
Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations (free at most stores selling sporting goods) for rules about collecting creatures. It’s always best to just bring a camera and take some shots, leaving the animals alone
so that others can enjoy them and so they can enjoy their lives as nature intended.

Please to them near Gold Beach:

  • Cape Arago State Park – 11 miles south of Coos Bay.
  • Five Mile Point – To find these Oregon Coast tidepools, you need to take Seven Devils Road 13 miles south of Coos Bay, off of 101. Use the public access road at Whiskey Run Beach.
  • Coquille Point – Located just west of Bandon.
  • Cape Blanco State Park – About 10 miles northwest of Port Orford. Turn off 101 north of Port Orford and simply follow the signs.
  • Port Orford – Once in Port Orford, go west on 9th Street off of Hwy 101. The main intertidal area is north of the boat dock.

Birding and Wildlife Watching


Download a PDF. document for a birding guide at The coast is divided into four sections that list 173 sites, numbered from north to south. The guide includes maps, site descriptions, directions, and a listing of the birds you may see, along with site services and facilities. Finally, a birding checklist shows the 250 birds most likely to be detected and the ease of detecting them.